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Clinical Development

Galilee Clinical Bio Research provides full CRO services to coordinate clinical trials at leading Israeli, European, US, LATAM, and Australian medical centers. A respected and accomplished clinical development partner, Galilee oversees operational and administrative tasks, so companies can focus on verifying product safety and effectiveness.

Site identification and feasibility assessment


Submission of applications to local and national ethics committees (e.g., IRBs and MoH)


Planning and execution of investigators’ meetings


Pre-study visits


Initiation visits

Interim monitoring visits

Close-out visits

Handling and resolution of AEs and SAEs


Maintaining close contact with the site team



Preparation for site audit/inspection


Recruitment enhancement activities and support



Executing clinical trial agreements/contracts


Assistance in the import of investigational product/device

Investigational medicinal product/medical device storage and accountability


Medical writing: Protocols, CRFs, monitoring plans, and more Informed Consent Form translations

CRF development—whether electronic or paper


Investigational product/device labeling


Clinical project management


Production and maintenance of essential study documents

Data management and biostatistics

Recognizing, maintaining, and coordinating outlines, budgets, and resources

Supervision of the full implementation of contracts


Evaluating risk factors and offering suitable substitutes when necessary

Assessing study progress and coordinating the relevant teams

Early Development Services

Pre-clinical program design and development


Performing pre-clinical studies for proof of concept


Phase I and PK/PD clinical trials

Test Tubes
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