Our Mission

Galilee Clinical Bio Research (CBR) empowers the development, approval, commercialization, and monitoring of safe, effective pharmaceutical products, medical devices, food supplements, and functional and medical food throughout Israel, and Europe.

About us

Galilee CBR is a multi-faceted entrepreneurial center that provides, amongst others, outstanding clinical studies management services for drugs, medical devices, food supplements, plus functional and medical food.

We accompany and advise our clients through preclinical and clinical programs, from conception until receiving final regulatory approval.

Galilee CBR works in eight hospitals and many community clinics based in Galilee,   which includes 2000 hospital beds and 1.5 million potential subjects for clinical studies. We undertake Pre-clinical and clinical testing in the laboratories of these hospitals and the Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Medicine in Safed.

Galilee Clinical Bio Research was successfully created based on Galilee Biomedical Research Administration’s (GBRA)  four-years-experience. The GBRA was established by the Ministry for Development of the Negev and Galilee in 2013 to promote biomedical research in Galilee medical centers. As a part of its activities in Galilee, the GBRA attracted pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to carry out clinical trials in Galilee medical facilities. The GBRA also expertly managed some of these studies for international and Israeli pharma and biotech companies as a Contract Research Organization (CRO.)

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